The Mechanics

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Before we start, I wanted to lay down some rules for myself. These serve as guidelines not just for me, but also for the reader.

First, the schedule.

  • I will post an article every single Monday-Sunday between June 18th and August 25th.
  • If I miss a post (this includes being late), there will be a punishment – I will have to post an extra article. This is in addition to the late post.

That’s it. Simple.

Second, the content. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Mondays – Lessons from an Individual that has inspired me
  • Tuesdays – Lessons from a book I have read in the past two-three months
  • Wednesday – Q/A with a friend of mine who is doing something cool during the summer
  • Thursday – Miscellaneous. This is my space to talk about something I am passionate about that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the daily themes.
  • Friday – Something fun/interesting to do in Chicago.
  • Saturday – Lessons from my internship as a Summer Business Analyst at a startup in Chicago.

Lastly, quality.

Whenever possible, I will dig deep. But the lessons I talk about on the blog are a condensed version of my thoughts – this by definition means that I will not be able to explore every counterpoint and nuance. That’s okay with me because this blog serves as a snapshot of my thinking and learnings. But I understand that it can be frustrating as a reader. So if you want to discuss any article, please leave a comment or send me an email at

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