Learnings from my Internship: Week 1

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Internship / Saturday

Saturday posts are going to be about my internship – what I did and what I learned. As a note, these will be pretty meta because I can’t share most of what I’m doing. I’m an business analyst intern at a startup in a pretty competitive space so anything I share could be used against my company. But meta-lessons are fine. Here’s the first one.  

Pick your battles

This was my first week, so I had conversations with different members of the team around how I can best help them. My question to every one – “What’s a one thing you really want to have but don’t have the time to implement?” At a startup, there are multiple problems at all times. You need to prioritize and handle the crises as they come – it’s not unlike an academic quarter.

But in this, important projects which have long-term benefits can get lost. For me, it’s not important to move the compass right now. I want to work on projects that will continue to move the compass a year from now.

Do the things that no one wants to do

So, this can be taken the wrong way – no one likes so called “bitch work”. But if there is one way to stand out, it’s to take a boring thing and hit it out of the park. There is nothing better you can do to build a good reputation. I don’t think I have followed my own advice here but I will change that for next week.

Thanks for coming along the journey for the first week of A Summer of Learning! I had fun writing out all these posts and I have a lot of cool things in store for next week. But for now, a rest day tomorrow 🙂  

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