Lessons from my Internship: Week 2

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Internship / Saturday

Before you read this, go check out two questions from my friends: Sami who is working at Morgan Stanley in Chicago and Priya who is working at American Express in New York City.

This week, my internship was much more involved. I had to sell stuff, figure out projects of my own, and dive deeper into things I started work on last week. Here are the 3 lessons I learned this week:

Being a sounding board

Sometimes, there might be some frustration on your team because the team has different means towards the same objective. In these situations, you don’t need to offer solutions or explain to them how everyone’s on the same page. You just need to listen. Be a sounding board. It’s a great exercise in empathy.

Selling to the person in front of you

I did some sales-type work this week. The biggest lesson out of that experience was to not sell to the place or the brand that you were at, but to sell it to the person in front of you. That can be hard to focus on. I try and remember Tim Ferriss’ blog post on this.

How do you add value?

I was listening to this podcast on my commute when I thought about this idea. When you think about the one thing that you can bring to a room of seasoned operators in their industry is your perspective and knowledge of the outside world. There is no way you can be better than them in their particular niche, whether that is marketing, sales, or operations. But you can offer them insights into the larger trends of an ecosystem and customer behavior. Interestingly, this fresh perspective is what the veterans crave the most.

As we wrap up the second week, thanks for being on this journey with me. I really appreciate the support and I hope these posts are valuable. We’ll be on a break tomorrow but excited for next week!

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