Lessons from my Internship: Week 3

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Internship / Saturday

This was a short week with the July 4th holiday in the middle. However, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t things I learned. Let’s dive into the lessons:

Micro Speed and Macro Patience

I came across this idea through the infamous Gary Vaynerchuk and had felt it at various points during college. But never had it felt it so acutely. The startup I’m working at is pretty young so it’s sometimes difficult to see how daily actions result in the long term success of the companies. There is no MO that is supposed to be followed. But nonetheless you must move quickly every day and do a bunch of things that could move the needle. That doesn’t mean you get upset when one of those things don’t work. You must have long term, macro patience.

Disruption to flow

One of the most undervalued meta-skill is the ability to resume a flow-like state after an interruption. I felt this specially after the 4th of July Holiday.

I don’t think I’m as good as it as I would like to. One thing that helps me is keeping a list of things to be done ordered by priority. Typically there will be 1 big thing, 2-3 things that need some effort, and 3-5 admin type work.

Knowing who to ask is very important

As I mentioned above, there are not a lot of processes in place at my startup. We use a combination of heuristics and research to inform problem solving.So this week, I was given a couple of problems that I knew how to find an initial approach for, but no idea when it came to meat of the problem. It looks something like this:

Your skills and tool kit might be enough for an initial beachhead, but the meat of the problem is much, much bigger and beyond your scope. In situations like this, you need to know who to call. Cultivating relationships with people outside your area of expertise becomes really important in a case like this.

Thanks for sticking with the journey through Week 3 of A Summer of Learning. Next week is going to be really interesting, I’ve got some great posts lined up. Thanks again and I hope to see you on Monday. 


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