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I have been learning from Kevin Rose for a few years now – from The Random Show, his podcast, his newsletter, and most importantly, from his viral YouTube video (raccoon alert)! Here’s a compilation of the 3 three lessons I’ve learned from him over the years:

The interplay between depth and width of interests

Towards the tail end of my freshman year of college, I knew I was doing too much. I asked a mentor for help and he talked about knowledge being T-shaped. It looks something like this:

You have your core competency and you can either focus on the width of topics you learn about or you can go deep into a single topic. These usually emerge from your core competency.

What is fascinating about Kevin is that he does both. His interests look like this:

How come? I think it’s because there is a unique interplay between his passions and his profession ventures. So the width of topics inform the depths.

I think this only happens because he follows genuine curiosity instead of chasing after what’s hot right now. It’s definitely something I’ve internalized because of Kevin.

To surround yourself with the best, you need to be the best

Most ambitious people want to be surrounded by the best. But Kevin actually embodies this. But how does one get there?

The answer is simple: you have to be the best in your one thing. For Kevin, it’s venture capital. There are very few people who will question his ability to pick out the winners. Through this core competency, he is able to help others.

This makes you attractive to other winners. It’s that simple.

Lifelong Learning

A lot of people talk about lifelong learning. Kevin follows it by the heart.

He’s constantly thinking about new ideas. Not all of his ideas do well. But it doesn’t matter because he’s constantly seeking new ones to replace the ones that don’t work.

There are very few people better than Kevin at this.

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