Lessons from my Internship: Week 4

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Internship / Saturday

This was a busy week at my internship. Lots to be learned. This week’s does sound a bit like a journal so I apologize for that. Let’s dive into it:

Continuous Improvement

I had a mid-quarter feedback session with my supervisor this week and it was incredibly useful. I got an idea of what I could improve upon and what I was doing well that I could double down on. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it’s very powerful. I set up another one mid way between now and the end of the internship to continue to find ways to improve.

The Power of Autonomy

I’ve been given a lot of autonomy at my internship and I think it’s worked really well for me. This doesn’t mean that I am not accountable for my work or their isn’t quality assurance done after I submit something, but it does mean that people don’t want things done just so.

When you’re given a non-negotiable ends but the freedom to decide your means, it’s a lot more fun to do work. Not necessary a lesson but something that I thought about as a potential filter for others for the type of internship they want to do.

Thanks for joining me for 4 weeks! Excited for the next week – there are some really interesting pieces in store. Until then, enjoy the weekend.

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