Taylor Kwok: Things Fall Apart

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guestpost / Wednesday

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Kwok, and I am a rising junior at Northwestern studying Economics, Psychology, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Unlike most of the other peer posts on Sid’s blog, I’m not going to talk about an internship, but I’d like to share with you all some lessons that I’ve learned over the first half of my summer.

The first is that plans change. As someone who loves to have a concrete plan for everything, this summer has taught me that adaptation is an equally as valuable skill as planning and organization. I did not intend on being at home and unemployed all summer. In fact, I was one week into my economics and marketing study abroad program in London when I was abruptly called back home due to a family emergency. I had much grander ideas for my summer. But my plans changed, forcing me to adapt to the new situation. I’ve been studying marketing books, preparing myself for recruitment in the fall, and setting up a bunch of phone calls and meetings with people in the business. I did not want to let my change of plans sideline me from valuable experiences.

The second lesson piggybacks off of the first: there is always something to be done. I’ve been home for only 2 weeks now, and at times I feel completely useless due to a lack of a structured work week. But there are always (and will always) be new things to learn, new projects to work on, and new goals to achieve. So although joblessness is not a glamorous way to be spending my summer, I’m happy to be taking the time to be around family and accomplish tasks around the house while also bettering myself and making progress towards reaching my career goals.

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