Week 8: Lessons from my Internship

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Internship / Saturday

This was busy, busy week at work and so lots of lessons to be learned. This will also be a short post because although I moved last weekend, there is still a lot of unpacking and miscellaneous work to be done. With that in mind, let’s dive into the lessons:

Compress to Impress

When communicating a new analysis you did that going to change things and lead to a tangible impact to the business, it can be tempting to labor over the details to gain legitimacy. However, you must realize that who you are communicating to just doesn’t have the kind of time. So be succinct in your explanation.

Use your ecosystem

I’ve talked about this before but this week was a good reminder. I reached out to a few alumni to talk about my work and future career paths. I got a response from every single one. This is one of the few unfair advantages of being a student – alumni will almost always be ready to talk to you. I suspect this goes away once you graduate. I might be wrong.

Appreciate, admire, and learn

When you work in a small team, you get to learn how each member contributes to the whole picture. You learn to appreciate that contribution and admire their abilities to do what they are uniquely good at. It comes from hundreds and thousands of hours of experiences. It can be difficult to learn their skills just by observing them. But try to get some meta-takeaways. How do they talk to people outside the team vs. inside?How do they break up their days to avoid burnout? How do they navigate a disagreement in the team? There are lessons to be learned from these.

Thank you for being with me for Week 8 of A Summer of Learning! As we move towards the end of this summer, I am extremely grateful for your attention. I am especially grateful for all your comments offline. I’m excited about next week, there are some unconventional things in stock for you!

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