Reflection on writing every day for 60 days

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Meta / Miscellanous / Thursday

When I started this blog, it’s main objective was to “catalogue things I am learning.”

It turned out to be a lot more than that. I want to talk about some of those things today.

To write is to think

This summer, I’ve realized that the best way to develop rigor in you thinking is to write. This is because even though a decent portion of the writing on this blog was semi-structured in my mind already, you need a lot more precise when you’re putting words together. You need to be sure about the meaning you’re conveying and anticipate any questions – and answer those questions. This forces you to deal with the issues yourself. While humanities students might be able to do this with ease, I had to struggle with it initially until about Week 4 when I got the hang of things. It’s been a skill-building exercise all along.

The more the merrier

It’s also been extremely collaborative thanks to the Wednesday posts written by my peers. Thanks to Sami, Priya, Josh, Zach, Aditya, Taylor, Shreeansh, Rafah, James, and Jayden! It has not only helped me look at my experiences through their lenses, but has been a great way to catch up with people

I’ve also enjoyed the offline conversations the blog has generated – I’ve enjoyed how the debates on some of the more controversial concepts like the The Tyranny of Minorities has really pushed my thinking.

Perhaps most heartening were comments like “My girlfriend reads your blog every single day and she really liked how you …” and “I read the last day’s post on the way to work every day.” As someone who didn’t share a lot of his thinking, these definitely motivated me to push through on days when I didn’t feel like writing anything.

I also appreciated how at least a few of you enjoyed the drawings. I’ll put up a gallery of these drawings along a list of the most viewed posts when I’m done with this week.

Habit forming

In yesterday’s post, my friend Jayden talked about how “nudging” can be used as a core component of forming new habits.

I think this whole blog was a big nudge for me to write and think more. I’m a big fan of mini-experiments of 2-3 months (a whole year seems daunting). This allows you to see if what you’re doing is sustainable. I will definitely continue to do this kind of writing although I’m not sure about the frequency with which I can put out stuff during the school year.

One must also consider the absence of things. Last week, I came across this Instagram post by Kevin Rose (who I wrote about earlier in the summer) about creating new things:

Screenshot 2018-09-05 19.28.48

Credit: Kevin Rose

In the absence of this blog, I suspect many of those hours after work would have gone into watching Netflix or endlessly browsing Twitter. I’m glad that it was nudged towards way more productive ends!

This has been an amazing ride and I thank everyone involved. I’m looking forward to finishing strong with the last two posts. After that I will post a “Best of the Blog” post and a gallery of all the drawings I made.

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