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Here are posts with the highest page views:

Lessons from Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday: On the Peter Thiel – Gawker lawsuit. Themes of how societal progress happens, the extent of free speech, a more pragmatic approach to the news, and the important of endgames.

Collected Thoughts on Amazon: Logistics and customer expectations, recent forays in healthcare, and potential vulnerabilities including eliciting desire and quality control.

Lessons from The Box by Marc Levinson: The fragility of powerful ideas, interactions in complex systems, and leverage.

Lessons from The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro: The ultimate underdog story, the tension between ends and means, being a professional son, and end goal as a decision-making tool.

Lessons from Scott Norton of Sir Kensington’s: Battle between contentment and exploration, life as an adventure, and growth through acquisitions.

Here are my own favorites:

Lessons from Niki Nakayama: Letting go of the ego, learn the rules to break them, proving others wrong as motivation.

Lessons from Skin in The Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Show me what’s in your portfolio, the tyranny of minorities, how to own a person in the modern world.

Personal Asymptotes: Natural growth limitations, becoming world class, reflection.

Lessons from The Fish That Ate The Whale by Rich Cohen: End and Means, regulation as a moat, don’t trust the report, and chutzpah. 

Rafah Ali: The MVP Doesn’t Actually know sh*t: Coordination as innovation, ninjas, asking the dumb questions, and bringing the best together.


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