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Here are posts with the highest page views: Lessons from Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday: On the Peter Thiel – Gawker lawsuit. Themes of how societal progress happens, the extent of free speech, a more pragmatic approach to the news, and the important of endgames. Collected Thoughts on Amazon: Logistics and customer expectations, recent forays in healthcare, and potential vulnerabilities including eliciting desire and quality control. Lessons from The Box by Marc Levinson: The fragility of […]

Week 10: Lessons from my Internship

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Internship / Saturday

This summer, I’ve had an amazing experience as an intern at Oars + Alps, a Men’s skincare company, in Chicago. I worked on problems and analyses related to Operations, Product Development, and funding. For the last post on my internship, and as the last post on this blog (at least for a while), I thought I’d write down some lessons for myself and others who will be interns next year. Don’t be a nuisance I […]

Summer in Chicago: Air & Water Show

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Chicago / Friday

This was the thing I was excited about the entire summer. I woke up early, took the packed El Purple and then Red Line, and then I walked to North Avenue Beach. Spread out my picnic towel and chuckled as my fairer skinned friends struggled with sunscreen. At 10AM, the show was underway. The 60th annual Air & Water Show was headlined by the Air Force Thunderbirds and Parachute Team Golden Knights. On a warm […]

Reflection on writing every day for 60 days

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Meta / Miscellanous / Thursday

When I started this blog, it’s main objective was to “catalogue things I am learning.” It turned out to be a lot more than that. I want to talk about some of those things today. To write is to think This summer, I’ve realized that the best way to develop rigor in you thinking is to write. This is because even though a decent portion of the writing on this blog was semi-structured in my mind […]

Jayden Rae: Working in the country’s ‘slowest’ workplace

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guestpost / Wednesday

Before you read what Jayden has to say, let me start by introducing her. Jayden and I went to boarding school together. I am always struck by her ability to back her words with action in environments which are heavy on “discourse” but lacking in doers. She might also be one of those rare people who you gain more respect for the more you spend time with them. She’s now a fourth-year undergraduate student at […]

Lessons from Lyndon Johnson

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Books / lessonsfrom / Monday

Welcome to the last week of A Summer of Learning! I’ll write more of a wrap up post later in the week but I just wanted to say how thankful I am to those who have followed me on this blog through the summer. But before we bid goodbye, we still have this week! Today’s post is a combined post for Monday and Tuesday. This is because I learned about the person (I talk about […]