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Here are posts with the highest page views: Lessons from Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday: On the Peter Thiel – Gawker lawsuit. Themes of how societal progress happens, the extent of free speech, a more pragmatic approach to the news, and the important of endgames. Collected Thoughts on Amazon: Logistics and customer expectations, recent forays in healthcare, and potential vulnerabilities including eliciting desire and quality control. Lessons from The Box by Marc Levinson: The fragility of […]

Reflection on writing every day for 60 days

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When I started this blog, it’s main objective was to “catalogue things I am learning.” It turned out to be a lot more than that. I want to talk about some of those things today. To write is to think This summer, I’ve realized that the best way to develop rigor in you thinking is to write. This is because even though a decent portion of the writing on this blog was semi-structured in my mind […]