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Sami Akkawi: Go the extra mile

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First of all, I want to thank Sami for writing the first guest post on pretty short notice (my bad). It’s not easy to work on something which is completely new. It’s even harder when I didn’t provide a lot of structure around what I expect d these guest posts to be like (my bad again). Hopefully, this is something I can iterate on and improve in the coming weeks. Hi everyone, my name is […]

The Mechanics

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Before we start, I wanted to lay down some rules for myself. These serve as guidelines not just for me, but also for the reader. First, the schedule. I will post an article every single Monday-Sunday between June 18th and August 25th. If I miss a post (this includes being late), there will be a punishment – I will have to post an extra article. This is in addition to the late post. That’s it. […]